Omnima Programmable Smart RGB lightbulb

Introducing our NEW extendable Smart LED bulbs. Operational via your router or able to run autonomously, these bulbs are automatically more secure.


  • 12W or 15W RGB/White bulb versions
  • 6 dimming channels allow three RGB and 3 white LED channels to be configured separately
  • More light output than any other Smart WiFi light on the market
  • Autonomous operation, doesn’t require Cloud to work
  • Efficient heat sink keeps the bulb cool, max 50 deg C
  • Omnima Mesh WiFi networking
  • Works with Echo Dot Alexa, compatible with Philips Hue hub


  • RGB lights, 10 RGB LEDs, 15 warm white LEDs
  • Embedded MCU with Zigbee WIFI functionality, 1MB flash
  • 2x onstant current drivers, 6 channels
  • Designed to run cool for extended lifespan
  • Modular design allows the LED and MCU module to be replaced
  • LEDs rated to 80000hrs
  • Certification: CE


  • Designed and assembled by Omnima Limited in Oxford, UK
  • Power consumption: 12W or 15W
  • Certification: CE certified
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 80deg
  • Light bulb max temperature: Maximum 50deg
  • Light intensity:
    12W 1030 lumen (100W equivalent)
    15W 1450 lumen (150W equivalent)
  • Colour temperature: 3000K warm white or 4500K cool white
  • Fitting: Edison E26 or Bayonet B22
  • Size: 135mm high, 47.5mm radius at the top
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Expected lifetime: 5 to 10 years
  • Weight: 80g


WiFi Discovery Mesh Network

  • Omnima IBSS Mesh network – multi-hop and frequency switching technology
  • Locate and communicate with all your Discovery devices directly
  • Each device acts as a repeater extending the WiFi range
    (the more Discovery units are installed the better/wider coverage gets)
  • Instant overview and control of all WiFi Discovery devices
  • No need to connect devices to a router
  • No need for Internet connection / resilient to Internet connection outages
  • Frequency hoping for more reliable operation
  • Deauth attack resistant as Discovery devices don’t need to authenticate with router
  • Uses strongest AES196 encryption, can renew keys on the fly
  • Uses 10-100 times fewer network packets to communicate
  • Devices configurable from Android/iPhone/PC/laptop directly similar to WiFi Direct
    (without a need to connect to a WiFi router)
  • Significantly smaller security footprint

Omnima LED driver + MCU PCB