A range of Omnima automation apps and software.


WiFi Mesh Networking stack for Linux-based devices and ESP8266

A lightweight ultra fast reliable protocol for IoT devices using a subset of the 802.11s standard and strong TLS encryption

  1. Simple installation – no need to join an Access Point
  2. Doesn’t rely on a single central node, such as an Access Point, uses the MAC layer directly
    1. Overcomes frequent infrastructure mode issues with clients being disassociated from Access Points
    2. Overcomes infrastructure mode issues with IP addresses / DHCP being required
    3. Eliminates risks associated with potential deauth packets being emitted by fake Access Points
  3. Devices can communicate with each other directly
  4. Extends the range of the wireless network as each node acts as a range extender
  5. Significantly reduces the number of packets transmitted over the wireless channel, saving consumption when WiFi devices such as ESP8266 are powered by batteries
  6. Each Mesh device also forms part of a WiFi-fence, where wireless activity is detected and logged to a central storage unit, allowing tracking of any WiFi enabled device such as mobile phones in the vicinity and reach of the Mesh wireless network
  7. Uses frequency / channel hopping to ensure reliable and fast data transfer


Xero Backup

A Desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux to backup Xero cloud-based accounting database.

  1. Simple installation – the application can be downloaded and installed in seconds
  2. Unlike the other Xero backup tools, you keep your login data private
  3. Saves data to your local storage that can be safely backed up
  4. Allows you to restore the data to Xero or migrate to another accounting package